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Kaplan Instant Start for Students
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Kaplan/LWW Integrated Testing Program Instant Start for Students

Program Objective: To identify areas where you need extra study and to give you concise remediation to build a solid foundation of nursing content.
To Get Started: Enter the following URL in your internet browser to get to your homepage:
Enter your user name and password to log in. Your username and password will not change for the duration of the program. To maintain security, don’t share your username and password with others. If you haven’t received your user name or password or can’t login, send an email with your name and school name to
Online Components on Your Homepage:
Success in Nursing School: Workshops to help you sharpen your study skills and maximize your performance in school
Integrated Tests: Secured end-of-course tests administered by your faculty
Focused Review Tests: Topical tests taken at home for remediation
Results: Test results for your end-of-course tests, Focused Review tests and NCLEX Prep Tests
NCLEX Prep: Kaplan online review materials activated during your final semester of school if your school purchased this component
The Basics Book: Charts, graphs and outlines of basic nursing content to help you identify important concepts in a time-saving format and to remediate after testing.
To Take a Test:
Integrated Tests are found in the Green box in the upper left hand corner of your Student Homepage. These are secured exams that should be given only in a proctored setting. Your school will work with Kaplan to schedule these exams. 

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Prior to taking an Integrated Test, please review the following recommendations to help ensure a successful testing experience with Kaplan.
Once logged in students should avoid:
  • Hitting the backspace key. Tests are designed to move from one question to the next without going back to change answers. The backspace key will quit the test.
  • Leaving the test site before completing the test, or attempting to open any other websites while testing. This could cause the test to be submitted and scored before the student is finished.
  • Refreshing the page. If there is a script error, or if the Internet goes down, close the browser window, log in again, and resume the test.
  • Submitting a test before completion with the “Quit” button. This will immediately close and score the test.
  • Using the radio buttons on the browser tool bar. All testing functions should be accessed from the icons within the program for best results. Since the screen is modeled after the NCLEX®, using the program buttons will give you great practice for the real thing.
I exited/was kicked out of my test before finishing.
If the internet loses connectivity for any amount of time, then you should be able to continue your test from where you left off. Log in again, click “Available Tests” in the green box. You should be able to click, “Resume” next to your test to continue where you left off. If you are unable to resume your test, it will need to be reset. Please see your proctor or faculty to assist with this process.

To View Your Results:
When the test is completed, click on “review results.” Click on “review” to view the online remediation explanation for each question. Click on “analysis” to see your results graphically, and to identify error patterns. You can access your test results at any time from the Results section of your homepage.
Technical Support: For user name and password information, if you are unable to log in, or if you need the technical specifications for the program, call 1-800-533-8850 or send an email to
For Questions about Scheduling of End-of-Course Integrated Tests:
Consult your faculty advisor at your school or the technical administrator from your computer lab.
Login with your user name and password and the homepage will appear:

Kaplan Homepage

Click on “Take Available Tests” to access current tests, review results, or see future testing.
Kaplans Available Tests page

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