Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Adobe Products (3)

    Acrobat Reader
    Digital Signature
    Working with Adobe PDF Fillable forms (Blank fields, Mac issues)
    Troubleshooting Creative Cloud
  • Classroom Information and Reserving Rooms (2)

    How do I get help if I am teaching a class in Drachman Hall?
  • Clicker Technology (5)

    How to Set Up Turning Technologies clicker registration in your D2L course
    How do I open my Poll or Quiz in the Classroom?
    How do I connect My D2L Classlist to my Clicker Poll?
    How do I get my results into Excel?
    Can I get reports from my Clicker sessions?
  • D2L for Instructors (10)

    Adding Special Access to Exams
    Creating a Link from AHSL
    D2L Tutorials and Help For Instructors
    Enrolling Instructors and TA's in your course
    Give Credit for an Exam Question
    How to Import Course Content From a Previous Semester
    Import Grades from D2L into UAccess
    Importing Quizzes into D2L using the Quiz Importer Tool
    Making Your Course Active/Inactive
    Request a D2L Course Site
    Viewing Discussions in Grid View
  • D2L for Students (2)

    Tutorials and Help for Students
    Why can't I see my courses in D2L?
  • Email - University of Arizona Email Systems (5)

    Catmail FAQ (Students only)
    How do I setup a main campus email account?
    How do I update my email alias?
    I'm not receiving email that was sent to my class distribution list (Students)
    NetID Password assistance
    Setting up your Mobile device for Catmail (Students only)
    Setting up your Mobile device for UA Email (Faculty and Staff only)
  • ExamSoft/SofTest (3)

    FAQs about using ExamSoft and the client SofTest
  • For Faculty - Tips for New Faculty and important links for Current Faculty (8)

    As a new faculty member at the College of Nursing, what software do I need for my home computer?
    How do I request my professional faculty photo?
    How Can I access my files from home? (See VPN and Remote Desktop below)
    How can I find the phone number of someone who works in the college?
    How do I schedule a conference room around the college?
    How do I schedule a Zoom meeting? Submit a ticket via with date, time and location
    How do I edit my faculty profile page?

  • For Students - Important Links for students (7)

    The New Student Technology checklist
    What do I need to participate in online courses?
    Tour of the College of Nursing Website
    Netiquette - Online etiquette for email, courses and more
    OSHA and HIPAA online tests
    Installing the Pyxis Medstation 4000 Tutorial
    Viewing the Bates Video or Videos
  • Google (1)

    Using Google Docs
  • HESI RN Patient Reviews - Evolve Elsevier (3)

    HESI RN Patient Reviews Self-Enrollment Instructions
    HESI RN Patient Reviews Returning Users Instructions
    HESI RN Patient Reviews Help Information
  • Instructional Design Training, Information and Reference files (8)

    7 Principles of Good Practice (doc)
    9 Events of Instruction
    Blooms Taxonomy (pdf) - Internal
    Discussion Boards
    Instructional Design Primer
    Quizzes - Assessing Knowledge
    Student's Perception of Online Education
    UA's Quality Matters
  • Kaplan (4)

    Kaplan Help/Contact information
    Kaplan technical requirements
    Kaplan Instant Start for Students
    Kaplan Instant Start for Faculty
  • Listservs (1)

    Subscribing to Latinoresearch Listserv
  • Mac Help (2)

    How do I play Real Media (.rm) files and Windows Media (.wmv) files on my Mac?
    Various tutorials for Mac users from Microsoft
  • Microsoft Office and Other Microsoft Programs (10)

    Snipping Tool
  • Multimedia Projects (2)

    Audacity - Record and edit audio files
  • My Computer - Personal Info Sweep (1)

    (UA Auto search for personalinformation)
  • My Computer - Tips for Keeping your Computer Running Smoothly (9)

    Disable common popup blockers
    basic steps you can use to speed up your internet connection.
    Should I do regular Windows Updates?
    What software do I need for my home computer?
    Why do my wrists/neck/hands hurt when I work at the computer for long hours?
    Should I back up my computer's data?
    Where can I learn about keyboard shortcuts?
    What is Phishing?
    What is Spyware and what can I do about it?
  • Panopto (3)

    How-to Set Up a Module for Panopto Recordings in D2L
    Watch the Video on How-to Set Up a Module for Panopto Recordings in D2L
    Video - How to Transfer a Panopto Recording from One Course to Another and/or Copying, Moving, and Renaming Panopto Recordings (4:21) (or Watch on Mobile Device)
    How to Copy a Panopto Recording from One Course to Another
    How to Move a Panopto Recording from One Course to Another
    How to Create a Panopto Drop Box
    How to Rename a Panopto Recording
    Panopto Quick Reference Sheet
    Further Resources:
  • Qualtrics (1)

    Accessing Qualtrics
  • Research Poster (1)

    How do a get my research poster or posters produced?
    How do I roll up my poster?
  • Teleconferencing - Skype (1)

  • Teleconferencing - Zoom (2)

    Zoom Participant Instructions
    Zoom Recording Instructions
  • Turnitin for Graduate Comps (2)

    Turnitin For Faculty - how to review submitted files
    Turnitin For Students - how to submit files
  • Typhon (4)

    Information about Typhon
  • VPN Connection and Remote Desktop Step 1 - Create a Secure Connection to the College of Nursing (3)

    VPN Setup for Mac
    VPN Setup for Windows Vista and Windows 7
    VPN Setup for Windows 10
  • VPN Connection and Remote Desktop Step 2 - Connect to the Stat Server to Access your files (1)

    Using Remote Desktop to connect to the College of Nursing VPN

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