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Can I get reports from my Clicker sessions?
Last Updated 2 months ago

(for Faculty): Printing Reports

Reports can be generated for an individual session—they do not show all participants with all scores for all quizzes. The reports will show all participants, but only the responses for that particular session. However, they may be useful, nevertheless.

1. Start the TurningPoint application.

2. Go to the Manage tab.

3. Select the session by clicking (once) on it.

4. At the lower right, select Reports.

5. At the top right, select the kind of report.

  • Results by Question
  • Results by Participant
  • Results Detail
  • Results by Demographic
  • Comparative Results
  • Session Log
6. Then for each type of report, there are various options.

7. Then you can ‘Preview’ or ‘Print’ the report. (Or even export it to a file.)

If you need to specific data to copy and paste (to a student, for example), you can use the ‘Snipping Tool’ to take a snapshot, then copy and paste that information into a document or email.

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